Energy star tax credit and other energy savings

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Energy star tax credit 

If you install a RoofCrafters metal roof in 2018, you will qualify for a federal tax credit for 10% of your material cost, up to $500! Click on the link below to see the details of the rebate on, and click here to see the qualifications at our suppliers website. 


Purlin installation

On most of the metal roofs that we install, we are actually able to leave the existing shingle roof on the house, install 1x4 boards (purlins) over the existing shingles, and anchor the metal to these purlins. This creates a radiant heat barrier between the existing shingle roof and the new metal roof, which will also be reflecting up to 60% of the sun's rays (depending on the color). This method has the added benefit of decreasing installation costs by avoiding the takeoff process, and keeping your old roof out of the landfill. These energy-saving features, as well as the tax credit, and increased longevity of your new roof, often combine to make metal the most cost effective way to replace your shingle roof.