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Carrboro Roofing Services

Carrboro, NC is a wonderful place to live for folks that commute to nearby UNC for work or school, and has a unique culture and environment. "You can't make this place up!". RoofCrafters has dozens of warrantied roofs in this wonderful little town. Check out the 'Our Work' page to see some roofs. Maybe you'll recognize one from somewhere uptown! 

Carrboro Metal Roofs

RoofCrafters has a unique way of installing new metal roofs that reduces the cost of installation, decreases attic temperature and consequently power bills during the summer months, and keeps old shingle debris out of the landfill! For more information on this process, click on 'Metal Roofing' at the top of the page! 

Carrboro Shingle Roofs

We at RoofCrafters have been installing shingle roofs for nearly 30 years. Wether you need architectural shingles or standard 3-tab, go with Mark stith and RoofCrafters, our workmaship is warrantied for 10 years. 

Carrboro Roofer

RoofCrafters has also developed somewhat of a reputation in the Carrboro area for quality work and professionalism. Clean job sites, friendly crews, efficient and prompt installation, leak-proof roos, and beautiful finished products are signs of a RoofCrafters job. Click on 'Home' > 'Our Work" to see photos and testimonials from satisfied customers!