Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are metal roofs noisy in the rain?

It depends. Most people say they can't tell much of a difference from their old shingle roof, mainly because attic insulation tends to dampen the noise. Its subjective, but I would say the rain on a skylight is louder.

Q. Can you walk on metal roofs?

Yes and no. If the metal is wet, walking on the roof is extremely dangerous. But if it's dry and you're wearing tennis shoes, the metal is perfectly walkable, whether it was installed flat to the deck or suspended on purlins. NOTE: Higher pitched roofs require additional safety measures.

Q. What's the difference between Kynar Premium paint finish and the Siliconized Polyester?

The Siliconized Polyester is the cheaper of the two, and you guessed it, a lesser quality finish displaying severe fading within the first 5 years. We've switched to using Kynar as our standard finish because it's the best finish available on the market. Kynar's color retention is distinctly superior, maintaining its rich luster well into its lifespan.

Q. What about the placement of the screws?

Exposed fastener applications like our AG on purlins (see Materials), the 2 inch long screws we use have a 1/4 inch diameter head with a protected rubber washer. At RoofCrafters, we place the screws high up on the ribbed portion of the panel allowing water to quickly run down and away from the screw.

Q. What about leaving the old shingles on? What happens to them?

Part of the beauty of the cover system is that your home's original covering remains in place and out of the landfill. Locked between the plywood, the 1" x 4" pine purlins and the metal, the old shingles stop degrading because they are now protected from the sun, wind and rain, and become a useful vapor barrier between the plywood sheathing and the new metal. Access to, and view of the old shingles is sealed off by comprehensive flashing. Ultimately, old shingles, nails and debris stay out of your gutters and  driveway—and you save money on extra labor for removal. However, Fire Code requires removal if there are 2 or more layers of shingles. Also, if there is known damage from extensive leaking, it's better to dig up that area and repair the plywood. Lastly, if you're not comfortable with the cover system—no problem—we'll strip the shingles.

Q. Will my metal roof interfere with cell phone signal?

It all depends on the current signal strength of your provider, in your specific area. Some weaker cell phone signals may be affected by a metal roof. If you are solely dependent upon a cell phone, we recommend installing a signal booster, also known as a repeater, preferably a dual band repeater with a separate onmidirectional antenna.