All of the materials that we offer for metal roofs are made with the best and longest lasting paint available, and come with our 10 year workmanship guarantee, as well as a 40 year manuafacturers warranty on the integrity of the paneling itself.

Cost Effective Paneling

AG Paneling

AG metal roofing is our most popular and affordable option. It is also the only type of paneling that we can install over an old shingle roof, creating a radiant heat barrier that can drastically reduce attic temperatures and lower your power bill. To learn more about the benefits of AG paneling, click the button below!

Premium Standing Seam

standing seam

Standing seam paneling is our most premium option, and is recommended for up-scale residential and commercial applications. The seam of each panel locks securely into the next panel, which allows the panel to be installed with no exposed fasteners. This feature makes standing seam paneling our most durable, attractive, and leak resistant option. Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of standing seam paneling.

5V Barn Paneling


The timeless aesthetic of 5V paneling makes it a popular choice for barns and other rural buildings. Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of 5V paneling.