Howard Paris

"Two summers ago, we needed to replace our roof. We had always dreamt of having a tin roof, but thought it would be cost prohibitive. In researching reputable roofers, we found Mark. His credentials/references were superb. In addition, we found that he did tin roofs at a price that could make our dream a reality. We cruised around Chatham County and Wake County, studying tin roofs: colors, materials, finishing styles. In the end, we settled on Mark; not only because of the beauty of his materials and finishing details, but also because of the care and expertise he brings to putting on a roof that will last. We chose a stunning terracotta red and watched in amazement as Mark worked wonders on our two-level roof. We have a wrap-around porch with a 'gazebo' on the side which posed a unique challenge. Mark's careful 'fanning' of the tin sheets is beautiful to look out on from our bedroom window. We just can't say enough good things about him and his work!!."